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About Neighborly Lawns
Howdy neighbors, I am Trevilin J. Allen Sr. (TJ), owner of Neighborly Lawns. Ive had my hands in dirt literally since the age of five. Helping my grandparents with gardening and the love of outdoors led to me assisting other neighbors with yard work. The seniors in the neighborhood kept me busy and I learned a great deal from their experience.

I have always worked directly in my neighborhood. After UDC I worked for Senior Citizens Counseling and Delivery Service (SCCDS) for 13 years . At SCCDS I linked at risk youth with seniors for mentoring. While working at SCCDS I also would volunteer my weekends and take the youth I mentored to cut, at home Seniors yards. Our reputation quickly spread and just like that Neighborly Lawns was formed.

Neighborly Lawns is a community based business, with community based pricing. We cater to at-home-seniors, low income families and dis-abled veterans first. We believe that its friendships that builds communities and who better to be friends with than your neighbor. When you invite me or one of my staff members into your home we want you to have a since of trust and peace of mind. We will go over every detail, provide instruction and a guarantee that the price given up front is the price you pay!!!.  

Neighborly Lawns staff consist of trusted, courteous, experience contractors. I personally hire well seasoned veterans and seniors with over 25 years of experience. My staff consist of skilled carpenters, plumbers, painters, masons, and of course landscapers. Our combined experience helps us to trouble shoot problems quickly and come up with proven solutions, which saves you money.  
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